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Area Code 689

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Area Code 689 was scheduled to provide relief to the Area Code 407 working in Central Florida. The announcement of the new code 689 was made on April 3, 2002 for the central Florida area that consists of 5 counties. The motive behind the launch of this new code was to meet the mounting demand of dial-up connections and additional telephone numbers.
Soon after the announcement of area code 689 US Netizen.com was the ISP who announced to provide dial-up internet services to all areas having code 689.
At first the Orange, Osceola, Seminole and areas of Lake and Volusia counties were planned to start issuing new phone numbers, pager and fax numbers starting with the Code 689.  Code 689 was the third addition to the area codes (407 and 321) in the Orlando region. The North American Numbering Plan Administration or NANP is responsible for introducing new codes under authority of the Federal Communications Commission.
With the proposal of Code 689 for the metropolitan Orlando area it was decided to stop issuing new numbers with the area code 321 while the phone companies who had reserved the stock of numbers with code 321 were still allowed issuing these numbers until exhausted. According to the official there was no specific purpose to introduce the code 689, it was just available and they simply used it. However so far the code 689 is still pending as a future overlay code and it's no deiced how and when this code will be implemented. But there is a probability that this new code will be an overlay to the current codes 407 and 321 for Orlando area while code 321 will be exclusively reserved for Brevard County area.
Some interested facts about the newly proposed code 689    were that 7 digit dialing was not allowed and 10-digit dialing was required to make calls in the Florida state. However up till now the implementation of the code 689 has been deferred. Once the code 689 is active and implemented the areas falling under this code will follow the Eastern Time Zone (EST)
The announcement of the 689 area code made many online Reverse Phone Lookup and Reserve Mobile services to make claims find out the details about the phone numbers coming from the areas having 689 as code. But the suspension of the code 689 in Florida area crashed all their dreams and now you don't find any record for telephone numbers with the code 689.

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