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Area Code 667

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Area codes are always kept unique so that the telephone calls can be connected to exact destinations.  Originally there was a list of eight six area codes which were assigned to Entire region of United States of America for providing telephone services.
However, the list of area codes is getting long and long because of the area splits and overlays. Several area codes are even kept reserved for future use. They are reserved for future use when the particular area gets fatigued due to the population spurts and ever-increasing demands for telephone lines.
The State of Maryland has also kept two area codes reserved future use.  The State has reserved total six area codes and the list of six area codes contains four area codes which are in service.  And there are two area codes which are reserved for future use.

In service Area Codes for Maryland:

  • 240 (created in 1997)
  • 301 (created in 1947)
  • 410 (created in 1991)
  • 443 (created in 1997)

Reserved for Future Use:

Area Code 227 (Implementation Date is not Assigned Yet)
Area Code 667 (Implementation Date is not Assigned Yet)
The code 667 is kept reserved for providing numbering relief to area code 443. The reserved code will be implemented as soon as the existing area gets exhausted and runs out of available phone numbers. The other code is reserved for the 240 area code.
The Code 667 is reserved for future use and it is not working form. This is so there is no telephone number using with a particular three-digit code.  If you come across a website which claims of providing you information on phone numbers registered with a three-digit area code 667 then just don't be fooled. Stop exploring the website and stop wasting your time. How it is possible site provides information on a thing which never exists on the planet?
At the same time if you are asked by the reverse telephone directory to purchase registration for searching details on phone numbers of the code 667 then close the link without giving second thought to your idea. The reverse directory is just a fake website and you could be the victim of scam and swindle.

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