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Area Code 975

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It was declared by PSC (Public Service Commission) of Missouri State of United States declared in 2000 that a new area code 975 will be added as an overlay to the existing area code 816. Somehow the idea was delayed and the code 975 is still not in service.
There are total six area codes in Missouri State for providing telephone service to eh residents of the State. 

  • Area Code 314 (Created in 1947)
  • Area Code 417 (Created in 1950)
  • Area Code 573 (Created in 1996)
  • Area Code 636 (Created in 1996)
  • Area Code 660 (Created in 1997)
  • Area Code 816 (Created in 1947)
  • Area Codes which have not been implemented yet, though they were once announced by PSC are: 
  • Area Code 557 (suggested to add as an overlay to area code 314)
  • Area Code 975 (overlay to area code 816, postponed)
Missouri State is one of the West North Central States. Other West North Central State are: 
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota

If area code 975 gets implemented sooner or later - the time zone for the code will be Central Time Zone just like all other area codes serving the State of Missouri.

Reverse Phone Check for the area code 975:

The declaration of the code 975 provide a chance to many online reverse Phone directories and Reserve Mobile lookup services for making claims to find out the details about the phone numbers registered with 975 code. However the postponement of the code 975 in Missouri State destroyed all their hopes and now you don't find any record for telephone numbers with the code 975. Just like other postponed and delayed area codes there is no information for the code 975 available on any online Phone Directory or Reverse Phone Check directory.

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