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Area code 984

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Area Code 984 was lined up for providing numbering relief to area code 919. The Code 984 had to be implemented as an overlay to the 919 code in 2001. However, the idea was postponed because the supply of numbers was supposed sufficient for the future. Area Code 919 provides telephone services to the North Carolina State of United States. North Carolina is one of the South Atlantic States and the standard time zone for the region is Eastern Time Zone.
There are total seven area codes which are in service and providing telephone services to the North Carolina State: 

  • Area Code 828 (created in 1988)
  • Area Code 252 (created in 1998)
  • Area Code 704 (created in 1947)
  • Area Code 980 (created in 2001)
  • Area Code 336 (created in 1997)
  • Area Code 919 (created in 1950)
  • Area Code 910 (created in 1993)
  • Area Code reserved for future use is:
  • Area Code 984 (will be added as an overlay to area code 919, if required )

The 984 code will be implemented as soon as the 919 area code gets exhausted and it starts running out of available phone numbers.

Reverse Phone Check for the area code 984:

The announcement of the area code 984 granted an opportunity to a lot of online reverse telephone directories and Reserve Mobile lookup services for making claims to catch the details on the phone numbers registered with the 984 code. However the suspension of the code 984 in North Carolina State didn't allow anyone making and even claiming to have database of telephone numbers registered with the postponed area code 984.
If you find any website rather reverse phone lookup directory claiming of having details on phone numbers registered with the code 984 - make it sure the site is fake. Never go for paid service for performing reverse search on the phone numbers with the code 98. Think smart, Be Smart and don?t be victim of the scams and online frauds.

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