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Area Code 283

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Area Code 283 has been kept reserved for overlaying the code 513 if it gets exhausted and runs out of available numbers. Area code was originally created in 1947 for providing telephone services to Ohio State of United States. The particular code 513 was split off into area code 937 in 1996.
Just like other area codes for Ohio State - The Standard Time Zone followed by area code 283 would definitely be Eastern Time Zone.
The State of Ohio has reserved eleven area codes. Ten codes are in service while one area code has been reserved to be overlaid with area code 513 when required.

Area Codes in Service:  

  • Area Code 216 (Created in 1947)
  • Area Code 234 (Created in 2000)
  • Area Code 330 (Created in 1996)
  • Area Code 419 (Created in 1947)
  • Area Code 440 (Created in 1997)
  • Area Code 513 (Created in 1947)
  • Area Code 567 (Created in 2002)
  • Area Code 614 (Created in 1947)
  • Area Code 740 (Created in 1997)
  • Area Code 937 (Created in 1996)

Area Codes not in service:

Area Code 283 (will be overlaid with code 513)
However the Code 513 has not depleted yet and so there is no need of adding new area code.
There is no information available on the Code 283 on any Phone Number Lookup Directory or Mobile Reserve lookup. These reserve mobile or telephone directories provide no results on the code 283 phone numbers because there is no number registered with the 283 area code.

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