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Area Code 445

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Area code 445 was planned to be added as an overlay to Pennsylvanian area codes 215 and 267. The codes are reserved for providing telephone services to the Pennsylvania State of United States. Pennsylvania is one of the Middle Atlantic States located in United States of America. Area code 215 is one of the eighty six original area codes created in 1947. The code serves the Southeast corner of the state together with the city of Philadelphia and its northern fringes. Time Zone in use in all these areas is Eastern Time Zone.
It was planned to add area code 445 as an overlay with area codes 215 and 267, which include Philadelphia. This once proposed area code 445 was first delayed by the NANPA (North American Numbering Plan) on March 20, 2001 and then decision to implement the Code 445 was completely revoked by the NANP due to an order filed by Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission on September 24, 2003. As per this cancellation order the Area Code 445 was returned back to the pool of reserved Area codes on the NANP website?s list of area codes. The area code 445 is no longer designated to any location in Pennsylvania State.
There are total ten area codes which are in service and providing telephone service to the State of Pennsylvania:

  • Area Code 484 (Created in 1999)
  • Area Code 610 (Created in 1994)
  • Area Code 215 (Created in 1947)
  • Area Code 267 (Created in 1997)
  • Area Code 717 (Created in 1947)
  • Area Code 412 (Created in 1947)
  • Area Code 878 (Created in 2001)
  • Area Code 724 (Created in 1998)
  • Area Code 570 (Created in 1998)
  • Area Code 814 (Created in 1947)
However, two area codes are not in service ? though they were once planned to be implemented.
  • Area Code 445
  • Area Code 835
The Area Code 445 is still not assigned to any location in Pennsylvania but it is still reserved for future use.
There is no information available on the Area Code 445 on any Phone Number Lookup Directory or Mobile Reserve lookup. These reserve mobile or telephone directories return no results once you try to find out any person having Area Code 445.

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