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Area Code 835:

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The Area Code 835 was proposed for the Pennsylvania state on a mutual demand from the Telecommunication services providers in the Pennsylvania region. At that time it was assumed a relief must be given to already existing four Area Codes in the state. The Area Code 835 was planned an overlay to the Area Codes 484 and 610. The Area code 484 serves the 12 and the Area Code 610 serves the 14 counties of the Pennsylvania state. In many of these counties these two Area Codes work at the same time. An overlay Code 835 was planned and proposed server the Eastern and Southeast areas of Pennsylvania.
The Area Code 835 was planned to be activated on May 2001 by telecom service providers in Southeastern Pennsylvania. However afterwards it was found that current 484 and 610 area codes still can meet the demands for the new number. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) directed the NAPA to hold the Code 835 in their reserved are codes list and telecom carriers to undone any work regarding the Area code 835 implementation.
The reason to revoke the Area code 835 was that there were already 5.3 million telephone numbers available for assignment in the 610/484 area codes as announced on June 23, 2005 by PUC.
These area codes are expect to be exhausted in mid 2009 and after that Area Code 835 may rescheduled. Moreover NANP has started to conserve the inactive and unused numbers in Pennsylvania that has lessened the demand to implement new area code 835.
The areas where code 835 was assumed to assign follow the Eastern Time Zone (EST).
Just like its co-code 445, the area code 445 cannot be found on any online reverse phone look up or telephone search directory. as currently there is no location to which Area Code 835 is assigned.

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