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Africa Phone Directories

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Africa is a massive, culturally diverse continent. Our comprehensive Africa phone directories can help you find and contact any person or business from Cairo to Cape Town and Casablanca to Mogadishu. Our online international phone number search can help you find accurate, verified information pertaining to any phone numbers on the African continent. We can help you access online international phone directories within minutes. The same technology can be used to find the phone numbers of Africa. The African phone directories include general telephone information about Africa phone numbers. In other words, Africa phone directories help an individual to search as well as access details pertaining to phone number. Reverse phone online is a viable source that helps you to search for phone numbers in Africa without much fuss.

Our Africa Phone Directories is a precise and far-reaching resource base of Africa phone numbers. One can depend on them for obtaining pertinent information on telephone numbers and they are massively popular for being an inexpensive as well as reliable source to avail details of p[hone numbers registered in Africa. Africa Phone Directories include extensive information associated with registered phone numbers in Africa. The phone directories of Africa are of immense help to people who are keen on accessing phone numbers as well as zip code look ups instantaneously. Africa phone directories are restructured and consistent records that one can obtain online without any having to devote much time.

Africa is the second largest and most populous continent in the world, coming in just behind Asia in terms of size and population. Africa is home to approximately one billion people. It includes sixty-one territories and is spread over an area of about 30.2 million Km2. Despite having the natural resources in abundance, it is still regarded as one amongst the underdeveloped as well as the poorest continents. Africa is not untouched by the winds of telecom revolution and telephone companies are treating this continent as one of the market that has been left untapped but has the potential of being one of the largest telecom markets. There are millions of telephone users (both landline and cellular) across the continent and there seems to be no recession in the growing number of users. 

The telephone numbers of all the countries in Africa are grouped under the World Numbering Zone 2. World Numbering Zone 2 is referred to as an integrated telephone numbering plan. If one is interested to look up for the details of any telephone number in Africa, then he or she needs to go through the phone directories of Africa. This approach helps an individual to obtain relevant details about a phone number without much fuss.

A few country codes grouped under World Numbering Zone 2 do not belong to the Africa continent. For example, Aruba (+297) is grouped under the World Numbering Zone 2 but it is not located in Africa. Instead Aruba is located close to the South American continent. Next, Greenland (+299) and Faeroe Islands (+298) though a member of the World Numbering Zone 2, yet they are located in the North of Atlantic, between Europe and North America.

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