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International Phone Tips

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Millions of phone subscribers around the world use landline and cell phone numbers to communicate. All these numbers are part of an integrated phone network system that routes calls to preferred geographical locations across the globe. With recent economical developments and the increase in population, the number of telephone and cell phone subscribers is increasing every day. It can be difficult to place an international phone call. If you have never called a foreign country, you could be in for quite a shock.

Our international phone tips can help you make the most of your time. Our online international phone directories are incredibly accurate and updated daily. With a few of our tips, you be placing your call in a matter of minutes. The best tool in your calling toolbox is undoubtedly an international calling card and a landline. Now, you could use a cell phone, but even if you are using a money-saving calling card, you are still using valuable cellular minutes. 

A prepaid calling card is the cheapest and most convenient option to make international phone calls. Most calling cards can be bought in $5, $10, or $15 incremements. A $5 invetment can save you three or four times that amount in long distance charges. Among the most useful international phone tips is using the local access numbers printed on the calling cards. You may be tempted to use the 800 number. Don't. The local access numbers cost less to connect to and provide the same quality.

Another great alternative is using a Voice Over IP service. This Internet-based telecommunications system allows you to make calls using the wolrd wide web. The best VoIP rates can be as low as 1 cent per minute. Compared to calling long distance or even a prepaid calling cards, VoIP services offer tremendous savings. The only drawback is the quality. Most VoIP services suffer from inferior voice quality and frequently cut out.

Many calling cards companies and plans are geared for one-way calling. This means one-way calls from the United States to countries abroad are just that: one-way. You cannot give the person you are calling the calling card information you are using in order that he or sh can call you using the same numbers. You could give the calling card information to someone else in the US, but only in the US. It may seem like a logical happenstance, but you would be surprised how often people try to make the most of their calling cards.

Getting a calling card can be as easy as visiting your local intenational market. Short of that, you can simply get online and either pay for a card outright or subscribe to an online calling card service. Using a credit or debit card, you can pre-pay for a block of time and then use their selection of local numbers to access the country of your choice.

How to Place and Find International Phone Numbers

International calling cards are quickly catching on. One of their major benefits is the ability to use the same calling card for placing numerous calls to the same country. When visiting your local market or subscribing to an online service, you will have to specify which country you wish to call. If you have to call different countries, you will have to buy specific calling cards. This can get expensive after a while.

Even if you have never placed an international phone call, your calling card will show you how to place the call. It starts with the country code, is followed by the regional code (or area code), and is completed by the actual phone number, typically a seven-digit number. The strong of numbers can be bewildering, but they all play an integral part in placing your call.

The better online calling card websites have Flash-based tutorials for each global region you wish to call. Additionally, one of their better features is a widget known as a Best Rate Finder. You can use a Best Rate Finder to monitor and control key factors like maintenance fees, billing increments, and per-minute rates. A well-designed rate finder also provides guidelines on optimizing your overall long-distance expenditures by presenting you with a slew of prepaid phone cards.

Prepaid phone card users should do their best to find the best rates and other important calling card features. At Reverse Phone Check, our international phone tips are designed to help you make the most of your time and your budget. We are dedicated to helping you find the best calling card providers and online services. When opting for an online service, you would be better served subscribing to a PIN-less dialing system that allows you to prepay for your minutes using a secure credit or debit card.  Luxuries like speed dialing and unique call-back-to-the-U.S. access numbers are frequent draws for online calling card services.

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