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Accessing the details of a specific cell phone user can be problematic. Cell phone numbers, unlike landline numbers, are not publicly listed. For the curious, this means, a cell phone number will not be enough to facilitate an effective reverse lookup. You will need far more than just the number.  

Though it may be possible to conduct a free cell phone search using a search engine or online White Pages service, in all probability it will be for naught. By their very nature, cell phone searches are a paid service. This ensures there is a traceable lineage connecting who is doing the searching with the person who owns the phone. In fact, you cannot gain access to a cell phone directory without a major credit card and valid address.

Cell phone providers must comply with federal and state regulations with regard to logging the identity of people making a request for more information. This is done to protect the cell phone user from potential stalkers or people wishing to do him or her harm. The need to preserve safety, in this case, outweighs the need to preserve privacy. Indeed, if privacy were the issue at hand, it would be impossible to ever obtain private information from a cell phone number.    

Nevertheless, if privacy is a concern, it is better preserved when using a cell phone rather than a landline. Landlines are, by default, listed for public access. There is nothing stopping a curious party from simply accessing a Yellow or White Pages database and finding your landline, name, and address listed. The intimate nature of a cell phone -- whether real or perceived -- has prompted the use of privacy firewalls to ward off would-be harassers.  

No, while there are no viable free cell phone search services available, you can find the information you need through a paid database. You can pay to find a cell phone user?s name and most current address -- and very little else. Fees can fluctuate from site to site and service to service. By in large, the fees tend to range between $5 and $30, though some can charge prices as exorbitant as $50 or $100.   

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Find an old friend or trying to find out who is calling you are both very legitimate reasons for paying for a reverse cell phone lookup. That being said, it has not stopped unscrupulous companies and individuals from trying to harass or solicit cell phone users. Telemarketing agencies -- desperate for new leads -- will, on occasion, attempt to buy large quantities of information regarding cell phone users.  

In the long run, this is counter-productive. Given the fact all access to cell phone user information is carefully logged and tracked, it is only a matter of time before these telemarketers are identified and prosecuted. In fact, it only takes one irate cell phone user to get the FBI involved in cases of harassment or intimidation. 

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