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Protecting your phone number from unwanted callers is a relatively simple process. Unwanted and unsolicited phone calls are an invasion of an individual's privacy. Every person has the legal right to protect him and his family from the nuisance of such calls. Very often phone harassment reaches a breaking point and that is when action is required. Take definitive steps, then research online privacy sources to better understand your rights.

To stop unwanted phone calls, you have to know your rights and how to act upon them. Phone harassment is a legal offence in the United States and there are many laws that safeguard consumer rights. It should be noted that one unwanted call however does not constitute phone harassment and thus a person cannot seek redress on this ground. It is on the basis of the frequency and regularity of the calls, important details about the caller and the nature of the call are important to consider while seeking redress.

If you have been victimized by a death threat, you must act quickly. Don't panic. Make some quick notes about the call -- what was said? What time was the call made? Then contact your local police department or the FBI. It is wise to keep a track and record of all the disturbing calls that he may face. The laws of the United States have many legal provisions to safeguard the rights and privacy of phone consumers so that they can enjoy the services of telecommunication in peace and without disturbance. They should be aware of phone protection policies so that they can wisely tackle the disturbing callers without any panic.

In case a company or a person violates the phone privacy rights of any person then law can legally penalize him. There are many online privacy sources that can stop and prevent unsolicited calls.  These online privacy sources provide phone privacy tips that offer useful suggestions on phone protection. Federal privacy agencies enable one to protect one's phone number and attain peace of mind from harassing callers.

Federal Privacy Agencies serve the purpose of investigating the origin of disturbing and harassing phone calls. These agencies are very useful, safe and effective and with the help of reverse phone these agencies trace the origins of the calls and assist in providing punishment to the caller. All Federal Privacy agencies abide by the rules of the Federal Privacy Act 1974. The Federal Privacy Act 1974 protects certain government records of individuals and also focuses on consumer protection rights. They protect the people from deceptive and fraudulent practices and they are available to law enforcement agencies in the country. In the case of unsolicited telemarketing calls the Federal Trade Commission that is under the purview of the Federal Privacy Act 1974 has the authority to bar illegal telemarketing activities on the basis of a consumer complaint.

With the help of privacy sources and the FTC, you can stop harassment, and prosecute criminals. Federal privacy agencies are dedicated to educating you about phone protection and privacy tips. Complaints with them make it easier for the law enforcement agencies to conduct investigations and penalize harassing callers in the country. They offer online consumer alerts to make telephone consumers savvy about fraudulent and deceptive telemarketing techniques. They also provide phone facts to the consumers on a regular basis to make them aware of phone products and services. Consumers can refer to them as these alerts are updated on a regular basis and thus help protect consumers to a very great extent. A person can get his phone number registered on the Do Not Call List free of cost by telephone or through the internet.

Calling the FTC's Do Not Call List should be done using the phone you wish to protect. The phone numbers are usually registered immediately and the services begin after 31 days. If any company calls a person whose number is on the Do Not Call List one can complain the Federal Trade Commission and action against the company is taken however the person must provide the time and date of the call, the company name or the phone number from which the company had called the person.

Links to Useful Privacy Websites

Protecting your family and your peace of mind is simple. At Reverse Phone Check we have worked hard to help you identify callers from around the world. Moreover, we are dedicated to helping you get in touch with sources and links that can help you fight for your privacy and peace of mind.

There are numerous helpful websites dedicated to safeguarding your phone number and your privacy. These online privacy sources offer useful tips on consumer awareness and hence guard consumers from harassing and disturbing calls. One can search for the consumer category and thus get relevant information and service tips. Some useful privacy websites are:


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