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Stopping Telemarketers

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You can stop telemarketers with a click of your mouse. Unsolicited calls are the most annoying and worst timed calls in the history of telecommunications. Chances are you don?t care about whatever product they are keen on selling you. Chances are you want nothing more than a peaceful night with your family.

By registering with the national Do Not Call List you can stop telemarketing calls. That?s why one of the essentials is ?knowledge?, and it is the knowledge about preventing these calls and this could prove to be immensely beneficial for those who want to protect their phone privacy rights. We can help you stop telemarketers helps a person to get rid of these annoying calls once and for all and there are many Do Not Call rules and laws that are under the Consumer protection Board under a state. One can contact the state for further information on how to prevent these telemarketing companies calling them.

Most telemarketing calls are made by automated systems. The telemarketer really has no control over ho he or she is calling. The easiest method of preventing telemarketing calls is to get your phone number off the automated system. You should be aware of the fact that it is illegal for any telemarketing company to call before 8 AM or after 9 PM. The national Do Not Register will not get rid of calls that are made to a person from charitable organizations, political bodies or any other organization that the person may have a relationship with.

Tips for Stopping Telemarketing Calls

At Reverse Phone Check, we are dedicated to helping you stop telemarketers. To that end, we proudly offer some tips for stopping them from calling you. The best tip, of course, is to register with the national Do Not Call List and the FTC. This list can also include residential phone numbers and here the registration procedure is very simple and easy to do. Registration on the Do Not Call Registry may reduce telemarketing calls by 80 per cent. One can register online or dial the toll free number of the Federal Trade Commission and for signing up there is a 31 days of stipulated time within which all telemarketing calls will be ceased for the registered phone number.

The Do Not Call List accepts both phone and cell numbers and they are exempt from all telemarketing calls. When registered, a person needs to verify the phone number that is on the list to check whether the services have been successfully activated. If after registration of the number a person receives a telemarketing call he or she should file a complaint along with the date of the call, the name of the telemarketing company or the phone number from which the telemarketing company have called. A person can request telemarketers from calling them before the 31-day waiting period after application to the Do Not Call List. If any Telemarketing Company calls after registration they are breaking the provisions of the Federal Trade Commission and hence they are punishable under law.

You can report any harassing call or telemarketing call with the FTC. But be sure you do it promptly. Now, if the inverse is true and your actually want to be bothered by telemarketers, you can always have your phone number removed from the DNCL. Just call or contact the FTC online. They can also remove telephone numbers that have been disconnected or assigned to new customers. For any complaints to the FTC one may fill in the complaint form that in online and the offender can be penalized under law.

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