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Facts About the No Call List

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Getting an unwanted or threatening phone call be a frightening experience. In the United States, the most effective means of preventing unwanted callers is getting registered on the No Call List. The NCL can help prevent unsolicited calls. There are many people who do not like to be disturbed by telemarketing and other unwanted callers. They want to protect their privacy and know enough about the No Call List that they opt to register their home and cell phone numbers with this national database.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has made it illegal to call phone numbers from this list and offenders are penalized if they do so. One needs to formally register one's details online to get on a Do Not Call List. This registration is a very simple procedure that helps a person protect one's phone privacy without any hassles and within a very short period of time. If you are interested in more information about the No Call List then it can be stated that the no call list helps a person safeguard himself against harassing callers effectively.

Getting on a Do Not Call List does not mean all telemarketing calls will stop. There are some telemarketing organizations that are exempt from the provisions of a Do Not Call list. These organizations generally cover charitable establishments, special interest groups and surveyors. If one desires to find out the accurate and the detailed information on the telemarketing company one can resort to the reverse phone lookup. This phone lookup contains elaborate and comprehensive information on the company details that need to be checked into by any person.

The Do Not Call List is a comprehensive database of names and numbers of people who do not want to be disturbed by telemarketers or unwanted callers. One needs to formally register their name and number on such a list so that he or she is not harassed and disturbed by such callers. The main objective of the Do Not Call List is to protect the subscriber from unsolicited callers. This Do not call list is a register that has a list of phone numbers who do not want to be called from any telemarketers or commercial organizations. A subscriber needs to register his phone number on this register to get rid of unwanted calls and protect his privacy. There are many registration tips that a person needs to follow successfully and sign up for the services. The person can ensure that unwanted calls are barred to the registered phone numbers. Find out about the No Call List and start charting your way to peace of mind.

A person can get registered on the No Call List by calling the Federal Trade Commission's toll free number or simply registering online. Registration on the Federal Trade Commission's will reduce the number of telemarketing calls by 80 per cent.    

The Federal Trade Commission has made it illegal for people who call telephone numbers on the Do Not Call List. Those people who violate the provisions are penalized under law. There are many online resources that can aid a person bar his phone number form public view and the most popular means of doing so is by using the reverse phone lookup.

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