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As demand increases, so too, does supply -- or so it would seem. In India, for instance, there are more than 13 million new cell phone subscribers a month. But, with the introduction of the reverse phone number searches, things have turned out to be much simpler. There are innumerable websites that provide databases of phone numbers and related information for the general public to search. These websites collect the necessary databases from the various phone companies and agencies to build an exhaustive database.  

With reverse cell phone number searches tracing out the details of a number can be carried out more conveniently. You may try searching for the number in a search engine, such as Google and see if something pops up. But, this is not likely to work because people usually don't leave their cell phone numbers on public websites where search engines could find them. You may call this number directly and ask the person himself or herself. You may even pretend you are someone else and you need their information to update some records etc. However, this is a considered to be an extremely unprofessional approach.

Is there any safe, legal way to search for someone's number? The answer, not surprisingly, is of course. Although cell phone numbers are not listed on any online directory, you can find them thanks to Reverse Phone Check. Generally the cell phone companies collect huge databases from reliable sources. Then they upload this online. Once uploaded, you can search that huge data base on your own from these websites.

There are many places you can perform such residential and business phone lookups online for free, including toll-free numbers. But there is also a problem associated with this approach. The cell numbers are not listed in any websites. So to search those sites you have to pay a charge as the website will compile a huge data base from various telephone companies and again recompile it in their website. Once you do this, you are allowed to search all the cell phone numbers of that website.

To begin with, let's examine exactly what we mean by a phone number lookup. If you have in your possession an unknown telephone number then you can use a "reverse lookup" service to find out the needed details.  A "reverse lookup" service will help you to obtain information about the owner of the phone. In addition to this you can also find out the address of the owner with the help of a "reverse lookup" service. This approach can obviously be very useful in situations where you have lost contact with someone but still have a record of their phone number, or simply wish to verify who owns the number before mistakenly phoning the wrong number.

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